You should consider it as the most appropriate option for you while pondering what to do next. Real Estate Licenses can be parked for a variety of reasons. The following examples may apply to your situation.
  • Due to the loyalty of my Buyers and Sellers, I was give up
  • By referring my clients to a full-time agent, I could make some income
  • Retiring from full-time employment and working part-time
  • I’ve found a job I really like and want to be a part-time agent
  • Fees are lower and there are no Realtor Association fees (such as TREB).
  • The ability to move in and out of real estate according to market conditions
  • I have other options with my Realtor license, such as becoming a non-selling agent
  • There are no franchise fees, desk fees, or office expenses to pay
  • There are no minimum production goals – there is no pressure
  • Being brand new to real estate, I cannot afford to get started immediately
  • Even without an affiliation with a board, I can still trade in real estate. 
  • Continue to do a few deals here and there. I can help you buy or sell your home, as well as assist family members with sales and purchases.
  • I can still buy, sell and assign new pre-construction condominiums or other developments without being a member of TREB or any other board.
Regardless of the reason, we are the Brokerage that can help you make ‘Parking Your Licence’ work for you at this time.
When you Park Your License, you clearly are not a TRREB Member. This means you will not be able to use TRREB Resources or receive support.
Our Brokerage will provide full brokerage support to assist you with transactions. Over the past 30 years, our brokerage has operated as a real estate brokerage and completed hundreds upon hundreds of real estate transactions. We provide a wide range of services to our clients due to our extensive experience in both residential and commercial real estate.
Choosing the right brokerage can make all the difference, so make sure you make an informed decision.
When parking your License from any City in Ontario, you are still registered and you are still licensed to conduct Real Estate Transactions anywhere in Ontario. It’s always easy to transfer back from Park My License’ into full-time Agent
Choose from one of the 2 Options: 
– Our low commission splits allow us to move over to
full-time work.
 – Move over to our NON-TRREB Branch Office to park your license.