It’s is the best option for you while you ponder on what to do next. There is a variety of reasons why or who needs to park a Real estate License. You may ‘Park Your License’ under some of these circumstances:

  •  Selling real estate wasn’t for me anymore (at least right now)
  • I wasn’t prepared to throw in the towel as I still had loyal Buyers and Sellers
  • I knew that I could make some Income by referring my clients to a full-time Agent
  • Retiring from full-time work
  • Got a job I really want and want to be a part-time Agent
  • Lower desk fess and no Realtor Association Fess (such as TREB)
  • Flexibility to move in and out of Real estate depending on market conditions
  • No more No high pressure sales pitches to Buyers and Sellers
  • Become a Non Selling Agent – other work options available with my Realtor License
  • Keep selling if I choose to without Board services – such as Toronto Real Estate Board
  • No franchise costs and office expenses
  • No minimum production goals – No Pressure
  • Brand New into Real Estate and cannot afford the cost of getting into business immediately
  • And Yes, you can still continue to Trade in Real Estate without out any Board Affiliation. Continue to do the odd deal here and there. Buy your home, sell your home or help family members with their sales and purchases.
  • Sell new pre-constructions condominiums or other developments where you don’t need help of your Real Estate Board*.

It’s not important what the reason is. If ‘Parking Your Licence serves you best at this point in time, we are the Brokerage that can make it all happen for you. There is no doubt, that Real Estate Boards provide unlimited assistance to every Realtor. There are a vital link. So make decisions wisely.

When parking your License, you are still registered and
you are still licensed to sell in Ontario.
It’s always easy to transfer back from Park My License into full-time Agent

Choose from one of the 2 Options: 

 – Parking your License with Our TRREB Branch Office 
– Parking your License with Our NON-TRREB Branch

To gather further info, simply send us the form below.
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We will create the required paperwork – it’s that easy.