Why you need to
Park your License?

Things have changed drastically in the last half of 2022. Many Agents will find lesser Buyers & Sellers as the Real Estate market is going thru some market changes. Are we in a Recession?

This will make it difficult for agents who are not 100% committed to cope with the current industry trends. If your current income as a real estate agent is unable to cater to the numerous associated expenses, then it may be time to go all-in or rethink your decision.


Toronto Real Estate Realty is a Vitual Brokerage and our services are open to real estate agents in Ontario that fall within any of these categories.

Cloud Based Realtors

Part Time Realtors

Work From Home Realtors

Retiring Realtors

Non-MLS Realtors

Commercial Realtors

About Us
Pay only for what you need

Toronto Real Estate Realty Brokerage provides Alternative Real Estate Solutions for Real Estate Sales Representatives and Brokerages.

We recognize that Realtors need specific Brokerage solutions for their needs. They wish to pay for what they use.

We offer professional cost-effective Plans for the Part-time Salesperson, the Retiring Realtor, and Realtors that simply wish to parking their License temporarily.

We are a Cloud-based Full-Service Brokerage registered with Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) and Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO).

Toronto Real Estate Realty Brokerage is Independently owned and operated.

How My License Works?

Obtaining a real estate license in Ontario can be tough. If you are taking a temporary break in order to take advantage of other important opportunities in your life, parking your real estate license for use on a later date may just be the right decision to make. Rather than starting all over from scratch, you can easily get back into the real estate market by picking up your parked license and moving on as if you never left!

We understand the effort and provide you Real Estate Parking Services so that you can maintain your Real Estate License in good standing with the RECO, by minimizing costs associated with working at a Typical Real estate Brokerage.

You will only be responsible for RECO registration costs, RECO Insurance fees plus the Brokerages Licence Parking Administration fees.

Parking Your Ontario Realtor License will help you
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Options when you park with us

Activate Your License at Any Time And Start Selling Again.

Thers no desk Fees!

Commission Splits are based per transaction.

Your past client are your database and your Network.

Refer your client to capable Agents and earned Referral Fees.

Work digitally from whereever you are. Eveything happen online.

We are a Virtual Brokerage.

Get Reminders On Upcoming Industry Charges Well Ahead Of Time

Work & Park Plan

$160 /year

Or $30.00 Monthly

  • Prompt Brokerage Support
    (Refer to Brokerage Agreement)
  • Opportunity to continue to work as a Realtor
  • Referral Opportunities to refer your old Database of Clients and earn Referral Fees
  • Opportunity to attend Our Real Estate Zoom educational Webinars and events
  • Membership to Brokerage Newsletter to keep up on current events

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Simply Park Plan


Park it & Forget it!

  • License Parked with no Activities.
  • Opportunity to save your License for future Real Estate work
  • Membership to Brokerage Newsletter to keep up on current events

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