What Can You Do While Parked?

By ‘parking‘ your license you are simply removing your license from your current Real Estate board and transferring it to a non board member Toronto Regianoal Real Estate board – Toronto Real Estate Reality

As a result there will be No Board fees, OREA, CREA, and no high brokerage desk fees. However, when you ‘park your license’ with us you can still trade in Real Estate. We have several support structures that will allow you to trade in trade in Real Estate in a variety of capacities.

Let’s start here:

  • If you have been an Agent for a while and are simply retiring from active working or are simply putting your careers on a slow down to work at a full-time job, then you realize that you have a database of past Buyer & Sellers and maybe even people that you are working with right now. It may be in your best interest to refer your leads to another Real estate Professional (Agent) of your choice at any real Estate Brokerage and receive a Referral Payment.​​
  • For your Past Buyers & Sellers database, you may wish to work with another Agent (of your choice at any Brokerage) to ensure that theses Buyers & Sellers are given post sales service and you will ultimately receive leads and referrals of potential Buyer and Sellers from them.

Other Job Opportunities for a Licensed Real Estate Professional without any Selling:

  1. Leasing Agent
  2. Property Management
  3. Position in a Legal Office
  4. Assistant to Real Estate Salesperson
  5. Real Estate Brokerage Office Manager,
  6. Real Estate Educator, Trainer and Administrator
  7. Sales Representative at a New home/condo building site

For these or other related jobs, your License can always be parked with us. You will have the responsibility of completing required educational credits for keep your License up-to-date and our regulars Newsletters and social media will let you know what happening in the Industry.

By Parking your License, you will be still licensed to sell in the Ontario.
It’s also easy to transfer from Park My License into a full time Agen

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