Parking Your License

We are Toronto Real Estate Realty Inc., a brokerage with its Head Office located in Toronto and our Branch in Markham Ontario.We are both a Toronto Regional Real Estate Board Brokerage as well as a NON-TRREB Brokerage. Helping Agents Park their Licences is just part of what we do.

The rapid speed at which the Real Estate workplace is changing has allowed us to present a “virtual office” environment for Agents. Both Active and Agents that Park their License have an opportunity to not work out of  ‘traditional real estate offices’ and yet work effectively and provide superior customer service.

Our ‘Park my License’ part of the Brokerage offers Agents who wish to do just that – Park their Real Estate License. Agents understand that the Real estate Licensing Process is costly and they realize that they have already spent an extraordinary amount of time and money getting this License so temporarily Parking this License while thinking things over is your best option.

You can always Park Your License until you are really ready to become a full-time Agent again. The best part is, that you are still able to work on transactions, make referrals, or work as a Team Member.

Agents Park licenses for a variety of reasons – from retiring or simply choosing to work full-time before getting back into the business.

Whatever your reason for Park Your License, Toronto Real Estate Realty will make it easy and cost-effective for you. We are a tech-savvy real estate office. Pretty much everything we do is online. Support with us is fast and easy as well.

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