Frequently Asked Questions

A.   No you don’t have to be a Member of any Real Estate Board.

Yes you can.  Parked or not, you are Licensed to Trade in all kinds of Real Estate. And NO you don’t have to be a member of TREB or any other Real Estate Board.
You can work with any Registered Sales Professional with any brokerage. A commission sharing arrangement can be arranged between you both and the other Brokerage. 
A.  No. Everyone who is registered with RECO must renew his license periodically and to do that one has to complete the RECO Update course. Additionally, you will have to pay for errors & omissions Insurance.
A.  For as long as you wish.  Renewal and maintaining your License involves doing the RECO up-date Course and additional Courses as outlined by RECO. And TRESA.
It does not matter where you live or move to in Ontario. Just keep RECO informed.  Our Brokerage is  Cloud-based so you will always have virtual access.  
A   Nothing happens – you will still be paid that directly by that Brokerage. It’s the Law.
A. Unless otherwise stated in the Agent/Brokerage Contract, Toronto Real Estate Realty will not charge you more than what has been agreed upon. The Brokerage sends all Commission payments directly to you via E-Transfer once the Brokerage receives them. There are no surprise deductions or fees.
A. No You won’t be a member of TRREB, OREA, or CREA.
A. We hold licensing for registrants throughout Ontario. If you hold a Real Estate License in Ontario, you can and should park your license with us. We have 2 Real Estate Brokerage branches – TRREB and NON-TRREB. You can park your Ontario real estate license with us as long as you are a licensed agent in Ontario.
A.  Same day. As a Brokerage we have access 24/7 through RECO’s online access.
To gather further info, simply send us the form below or call our Broker of Record on his cell phone 416-500-1500.
You can expect a quick  response to this email or call.
We create the required paperwork – it’s that easy to transfer and Park your License.