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Real Estate Market Picture 2023

We are in mid 2023, and the real estate market is still not showing signs of recovery. Traditionally, real estate agents make good money in Ontario. However, for the past year and going forward there is uncertainty and panic due to declining prices and rising Mortgage Rates. There is uncertainty and an eroding market in certain areas, types and price ranges of properties.

TRESA and Parking your License

TRESA, is going to be the New Real Estate Act replacing in most REEBA.

Under TRESA registrants must not provide any person with access to real estate unless: a registrant is present with the person, or the owner of the real estate has consented in writing to the person having access without a registrant being present.

TRESA applies to all Licensed Agents – Agents with ‘Parked Licenses’ included.

It directly impacts how Agents interact with Buyers and Sellers. Agency is in the forefront of some of the changes. TRESA (when in effect sometime in 2023) has redefined Agency to either a Self-directed Party or a Client.

What has not changed is, if you have parked your License, you are still licensed to conduct transactions and Trade in Real Estate across Ontario.

Our Brokerage – Our Leadership – Our New Vision

Post Covid, we have decided to explore and add Real Estate Services to all the  under represented areas of Real Estate. We will be expanding our operations all across the Province of Ontario.

Agents across Ontario can park their

License and still do Transactions

The general thinking of having Cloud-based Real Estate Operations is a Reality. Toronto Real Estate Realty is a new Cloud-based Real Estate Brokerage performing all its day-to-day business and support services on-line.


Our cloud-based brokerage focuses on bringing onboard Real Estate Agents with Real Estate experience. Regardless of whether you are a Selling Agent, Buying Agent or work strictly with pre-construction Condo sales, New-builds, Rural Lands, we are experienced to give you all the support you will need when working with us.

The Brokerages vision is to work with enterprising go-getters, agents who can operate independently. Our leadership brings more than 30 years of real estate training, coaching and agent support expertise. We will provide the help you need to become the next generation of Realtors.

If you are tired of hearing the boastful rhetoric of the all too familiar Franchises touting their own horn yet providing little or no support, stop paying high desk fee and commission splits – come work with uslet’s set up a time to chat.

Work with us while you stay with your Brokerage

We are extending our operations across Ontario, therefore, we are looking to collaborate with Real Estate Agents on leads we get from outside of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). The Brokerage is seeking experienced Licensed Sales Representatives from any Brokerage to join our team and contribute to our vision and remuneration plans. This is to service and support all of our leads and Real Estate transactions.

Our cloud-based sales and support network makes it easy and Realtors do not need to leave their current Brokerage but simply collaborate with us on Sales and Purchases of Real Estate in their City or neighbourhood.

So if you are a Licensed Agent working outside the GTA, we will be happy to discuss working terms on Real Estate related support that we may need from time to time. If this interests you – it’s time for us to chat.

To view a complete listing of the Brokerages New Projects for 2023, visit the Brokerages main website All of our Brokerage features, whether they are for Buying, Selling, or Leasing, are open to all our agents for their own encouragement and benefit. Our Zoom training sessions and information sessions are open to all agents.