Are you looking to Park while finishing your Real Estate Course

We are seeing many students completing their Real Estate Course at Humber College and are seeing the Real Estate Market in turmoil and realizing it may not be the most suitable option to become Full-time Realtors.  Humber CollegeIt has been a costly $4,765.00 to complete the Course. So jumping as a full-time realtor at this point may not be your best option right now.

The real estate market may be in a downturn right now, but that does not mean it will always be that way. So the best option available to get the Registration Process completed with the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) and get the Real Estate licence. 

Then of course, the next step is to Park the License with Our Brokerage for relatively low low cost. Continue your full-time job while you start to learn more about real estate processes and systems including Newer Marketing options so that you are ready when the Market turns around.

As a Brokerage with more than 30 years of Real Estate Expertise we have seen our share of Real Estate Market ups and downs. We have owned and operated RE/MAX Vision Realty Inc. for approx. 16 years with approx. 150 to 160 Realtors working with us. We have also owned Royal LePage Realty for approx. 4 years.

To say the least, we have many many years of Residential & Commercial Real Estate Expertise. Coaching, Training was all part of our Brokerage initiatives.

To help our New Real Estate Agents register their licenses with RECO and park their licenses with our brokerage, we offer them the opportunity to save their license as well as learn how to trade real estate while it’s locked away. It allows them to save the money and time spent on when the Real Estate Market turns around. This is an opportune moment to do it full-time. 

The Process to Register after completing your CoursesMy Web to start the Registration Process

STEP 1 – requirements to start registration.

Make sure you have your Course results The Application with RECO will require the Applicant to provide a Police Report commonly referred to as a Criminal Record & Judicial Matters Checks , also known as a level 2 Check, to assess an individual’s suitability for registration, under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 (the “Act”).

STEP 2 – Creating an access of RECO

Log-in to Real Estate Council of Ontario website the to My Web.

Then Sign Up For Access to MyWeb. This will allow you to complete your Application as well as download the educational documentation as well as the Level 2 Police Report. 

STEP 3- Fee payment

Payment for the License is normally after the  application has been reviewed and approved pending payment of the fees. 

During the Application process, you will be requested for the Name of the Brokerage as well as the Brokerage Registration Number for where you will be registered as an Agent. 

Our Brokerage info is as follows
Toronto Real Estate Realty.
RECO Brokerage Registration is 4764977.

To help you further, simply set aside time for a Quick chat.